NEW VIDEO – Take Uno

Tanzania meets Kenya in Marseille, France, for this unique hot collab!!

1st track from the coming album “Safari ya HipHop”. Tanzanian MCs Frost and Dwee are featuring with the Kenyan Femcee Tina Mweni during their tour in France.

12015143_1038528579514225_1515384424444246917_o 10960268_1038528572847559_3723235777487667321_o 11999745_1038528566180893_5271863719744415479_o 12027098_1038528469514236_5451410241462260562_o 12031341_1038528466180903_40943663102674866_o 12031535_1038528452847571_5094918786395621546_o



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