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New album release – Rapvolution by Tina Mweni

Album Cover by Natty Kumkichwa

We are glad to present the first album of the very talented Kenyan-Danish artist Tina Mweni!

The album was recorded in Marseille, France, with a female band who has been backing Tina Mweni on stage for the last 2 years.

Here is the live video of the release party:


Documentary Premiere & Album Release in Marseille, France

16 of December 2016 was the premiere screening of the documentary Safari ya HipHop, Afro French Connection as well as the release of the album release of the album Safari ya HipHop of the Tanzanian crew Watengwa.



The documentary Safari ya HipHop, Afro French Connection is showing the program Safari ya HipHop, de Marseille à Arusha. In this program, a HipHop delegation representing different elements of HipHop (DJ, MC, Beatbox, Dance and Beat-making) came in Arusha, Tanzania, and shared with a group of 40 tanzanian artists and came up with a final show.



Safari ya HipHop album is the journey of JCB, Yuzzo and Dwee from Watengwa back to France. Along the way they met and featured other artists such as Tina Mweni and Robah Wenyeji from Kenya, Frost from Tanzania, as well as Boss One, K-Méléon and Les Crevards from Marseille, France.



Here is the Teaser of the event:

Program in France 2016

In April 2016, East Africa Rise Up invited 3 artists for the annual Safari ya HipHop tour in France:

Dwee (Watengwa) from Arusha, Tanzania // Frost (TGP) from Arusha, Tanzania // Tina Mweni from Nairobi, Kenya and Copenhagen, Denmark

They prepared a live show with french musicians and played it in Festiv’Al Arrach (Cergy) and Safari ya HipHop 5.0 (Marseille).

They performed live some of the tracks of the coming album Safari ya HipHop.

Festiv'al Arrach 2016 12983409_1004808806254522_4399790123777006700_o DSC00562 DSC00561 tina DSC00558 Affiche Safari ya HipHop IMG_7857 IMG_7820 IMG_7848 IMG_7853 IMG_7854


Podcast the Radio Show « Plug In » on Radio Grenouille (Marseille, France) with Robex interviewing the Marseille HipHop team which went in Tanzania:

Safari ya HipHop Documentary release

Safari ya HipHop, from East Africa to France

The unique journey of Tanzanian, Kenyan, Ugandan and Rwandan artists in a musical safari across France!
Featuring artists:
Kamaa (X-Plastaz) from Tanzania // Bana Mutibwa (Luga Flow Army) from Uganda // Rawbarz Wenyeji (Ukooflani Mau Mau) from Kenya // Daz Naledge from Tanzania // Tina Mweni from Kenya&Denmark // Lion Eyes from Rwanda // G.Rongi from (Ukooflani Mau Mau) from Kenya

Back stage at Covent Garden showThe Team in Marseille Live at Theatre 95

Safari Ya HipHop, de Marseille à Arusha

The French HipHop team from Marseille is back from the two weeks workshops program (DJing, Beatboxing, MCing, Dancing and Producing).


The overall project is a success thanks to our local partners Okoa Mtaa Foudation and Alliance Française Arusha. The program took place as planned and the inter-exchange has been a unique experience for both tanzanians and french artists.

DSC05230 DSC05203


 The program ended with the great event Afro French Connection, Safari ya HipHop at Alliance Française Arusha.

Afro-French connection_Safari Ya Hip Hop. EmailDSCN4426 DSC05741

DSC05709 DSC05727

Review of EARU 2015 Program in France

The 2015 program went very good, this year East African artists participating were: Dwee & JCB (Tanzania) from Watengwa, Tina Mweni (Kenya/Denmark) and Frost & DJ AZ (Tanzania) from TGP.

Thank you to every one who participated!

To stay in touch and see how you can contribute or be part of the next program, please contact us at this address

Here is what has been achieve during this program:

  • 3 shows: Festiv’al Arrach in Cergy, Dar Lamifa in Marseille and Espace Julien in Marseille.
  • 3 radio interviews: Radio Grenouille (Flavor of the month, DJ PH), Radio Galère (Sam & Sam), Radio Cave Carli (Julien Valnet & Edouard Hartigan).
  • 3 albums recorded:

– Album Safari ya Hiphop: Watengwa ft Tina Mweni, Frost TGP, Rawbarz Wenyeji, Boss One and more.

– EP Watengwa (JCB & Dwee) – Turu Juu Ya Ngeu.

– Album of Dwee (Watengwa) – Umoja Kidunia.

  • Shooting of 6 video clips.

Check out the videos of the program (live shows, radios, rehearsals) on this playlist: