WePresent is the Community label which is based in Marseille, France. We produce albums made under East Africa Rise Up (EARU) Project.

WePresent is also coordinating the Safari ya HipHop exchange programs and organizing events in Marseille in order to promote the project.




About us
We are raising global awareness regarding Human Rights that aims for a fair and peaceful world.
What we do
Spreading consciousness through art and cultural inter-exchange.
A world where cultural diversity is preserved and contributes to create modern societies with blooming people.

To use art in order to enhance people’s life through knowledge sharing.

Altruism, Respect, Courage, Freedom, Cooperation

Our Projects

  • East Africa Rise Up (EARU)
    EARU is a network which aims to promote the connections between:
    – East African artists,
    – Urban and traditional music,
    – East Africa and the rest of the world!


  • Safari ya HipHop
    A cultural inter-exchange program where artists meet and work together.


  • WePresent Records
    Record label producing and promoting artists who share WePresent missions and values.