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The Babtou The Roots odyssey continu as Rotka reaches Mombasa (Kenya) along side with Tanzanian artists JCB (Watengwa) and Ellisha James. They are welcomed by the MC Hustlajay and the beatmaker Sango. All together they meet and connect with the traditional music band Zigidigi Cultural Troupe from the Digo tribe. This unique connection resulted in a Hip-Hop song fusion with traditional music.



New Video Music –

babtou the roots v2 blackArusha - avec Sight Mo et Domokaya

East Africa Rise Up releases the music video ” Free Your Mind “. It’s the 2nd single in a series of 4 recorded during the musical journey to East Africa for the French MC Rotka. After the single “Karibu” made in Nairobi (Kenya) during the first stage of his trip, Rotka reaches Arusha in Tanzania. He decides to stop in “A-Town”, a city internationally known for it’s Hip-Hop scene. When he meets Domokaya and Sight More, things are automatically at a Hip-Hop state of mind. They decide to find Daz Naledge to record a song which speaks to people both in France and in Tanzania. Rokta’s “Return to learn” experience then makes sense as his Hipopic “Babtou The Roots” continues !


New Music Video “KARIBU” – From Paris to Nairobi – EP Babtou The Roots

babtou the roots v2 blackKaribu

East Africa Rise Up releases the music video “Karibu” (which means welcome in Swahili) . During the trip of Rotka (France) to Est Africa in 2018, this is the 1st single in a series of 4 recorded. On arrival day to Nairobi (Kenya), he meets the MC’s Moroko Kalahari and Blak Odhiambo whom he musically vibes so well with, that a recording session is scheduled for the next day with Shaky Mandugu Digital. The same night he writes the lyrics and next day the video-shoot takes place at the largest slum in East Africa, Kibera.

Documentary Premiere & Album Release in Marseille, France

16 of December 2016 was the premiere screening of the documentary Safari ya HipHop, Afro French Connection as well as the release of the album release of the album Safari ya HipHop of the Tanzanian crew Watengwa.



The documentary Safari ya HipHop, Afro French Connection is showing the program Safari ya HipHop, de Marseille à Arusha. In this program, a HipHop delegation representing different elements of HipHop (DJ, MC, Beatbox, Dance and Beat-making) came in Arusha, Tanzania, and shared with a group of 40 tanzanian artists and came up with a final show.



Safari ya HipHop album is the journey of JCB, Yuzzo and Dwee from Watengwa back to France. Along the way they met and featured other artists such as Tina Mweni and Robah Wenyeji from Kenya, Frost from Tanzania, as well as Boss One, K-Méléon and Les Crevards from Marseille, France.



Here is the Teaser of the event:

New video feat The Mymetist

The Mymetist from Marseille (France) feat Tanzanian singer Wise Man & Mc Sight Mo from Arusha

It was recorded and shot during the program Safari ya HipHop, from Marseille to Arusha. It is the first track released from the album Safari ya HipHop vol.2 album who was recorded during the trip and which will be released in 2017.