Review of EARU 2015 Program in France

The 2015 program went very good, this year East African artists participating were: Dwee & JCB (Tanzania) from Watengwa, Tina Mweni (Kenya/Denmark) and Frost & DJ AZ (Tanzania) from TGP.

Thank you to every one who participated!

To stay in touch and see how you can contribute or be part of the next program, please contact us at this address

Here is what has been achieve during this program:

  • 3 shows: Festiv’al Arrach in Cergy, Dar Lamifa in Marseille and Espace Julien in Marseille.
  • 3 radio interviews: Radio Grenouille (Flavor of the month, DJ PH), Radio Galère (Sam & Sam), Radio Cave Carli (Julien Valnet & Edouard Hartigan).
  • 3 albums recorded:

– Album Safari ya Hiphop: Watengwa ft Tina Mweni, Frost TGP, Rawbarz Wenyeji, Boss One and more.

– EP Watengwa (JCB & Dwee) – Turu Juu Ya Ngeu.

– Album of Dwee (Watengwa) – Umoja Kidunia.

  • Shooting of 6 video clips.

Check out the videos of the program (live shows, radios, rehearsals) on this playlist:



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